ME4981 Automotive Engineering 2015 Fall (University of Michigan)

Analysis of vehicle performance in terms of acceleration, gradability, speed, fuel economy, ride comfort, stability and safety. Engine-transmission compatibility and matching. Fundamental vehicle dynamics. Computer modeling and simulation of vehicle systems by numerical techniques. Transmission ratio and torque analysis. Design of vehicle systems such as brakes, suspensions, drive line components, steering mechanisms and other subsystems.


MECE 2420U Solid mechanics 2018 Winter (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

This course provides the fundamental engineering knowledge of mechanics of solids including axial loading, plane stress and strain; tension and compression, elastic deformation and Hooke’s law, Poisson’s ratio, principle of superposition, thermal stress, torsion of circular shafts, pure bending, transverse shear, shear stress in beams and thin-walled members, combined loading, stress and strain transformations, Mohr’s circle.


MECE 2230U Statics 2018 Fall (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

This course provides fundamental engineering knowledge of static systems, bodies at rest, force and moment equilibrium of rigid bodies, and mechanics of materials and deformable bodies. Course topics include: forces; moments of forces; couples; resultant and equilibrium of force systems; distributed loads; equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; analysis of structures including beams, structural analyses including trusses, frames and machines; mechanical joints, the concept of internal forces, shear and moment forces and diagrams, relations between distributed load, shear and moments; friction forces on mechanical components, centroid, moment of inertia, parallel axis theory, Mohr’s circle for moment of inertia, concept of virtual work.


ENGR 5350 Automotive Materials and Manufacturing 2018 Fall (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

  • To develop a clear understanding of classifications, physical characteristics, and mechanical performance of engineering materials used in Automobiles.

  • To emphasize the role of environmental regulations and societal pressures on the selection of alternate materials in Automobiles.

  • Explore the development of new materials being used in Automobiles and how the introduction of these is affecting the manufacturing processes.